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Are You Struggling with Grief and Loss?

Did you lose someone and/or something important to you? Are you going through a major life transition or identity change? Did you recently experience a trauma that took away your sense of physical, emotional, or financial safety? Are you anticipating a loss that is coming? Do you feel stuck in grief for a loss that happened years ago?

You may not have the closure that you need to move on. You might be pretending that you are ok because you don’t want to feel like a burden on others. Maybe you feel detached, aloof, unemotional and guarded because you do not trust others not to hurt you again. You might be withdrawing from your loved ones, pulling the curtains closed in your home and in your heart. You might be so devastated by this loss that you are wondering how you will keep on living, who you are afterward, and whether you will ever enjoy life again.

People around you might not know how to comfort you. They may feel at a loss for words, uncomfortable with your emotions, or cannot relate to the significance of your loss. They may try to help by telling you that you are strong or try to cheer you up but unintentionally dismissing your reality. You may not have a community and support network with whom you feel safe and understood to turn to in this experience of grief. Perhaps you are afraid of people around you blaming you for your loss or judging you for not “getting over it.” You may have noticed your friends and family feeling fatigued for providing support and can no longer do so.

"So this is me unclasping my fingers.
This is my parting, my reluctance, my heartache and my final gift to you.
This is me letting you go."

Heidi Priebe

If you are experiencing persistent and intense feelings of sadness, depression, anxiety, guilt, avoidance, dissociation, anger, meaninglessness, hopelessness, or worthlessness after a loss, you can benefit from extra help and support. If you are struggling to function in your daily life and care for yourself, therapy may be necessary. Grief counseling can help you cope with the pain, soothe your emotions, accept the loss, find meaning in the experience, and move on with your life with a renewed sense of yourself. Schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation with us to see if one of our skilled grief counselors can be a good match for you.

Begin Grief Counseling in Our Ballard Clinic

Our skilled and compassionate grief counselors can facilitate a healthy grief process. Your therapist can help you acknowledge your pain, confront the complex emotions related to your loss, help you express your emotions in healthy ways, establish a strong support network, and identify effective strategies to care for yourself. Grief therapy can help you find your identity and meaning again after a significant loss. If what you read here resonates with you, contact us or schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation to see if we are a good fit.


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