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Jennifer Chain


Licensed Psychologist
License Number ​PY60750684
President and Owner

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You are a helper, giver, or fixer who feels depleted by the constant demand on your time and energy. You care for others and yet receive very little validation and support in return. 

Others may see you as a high functioning, high achieving go-getter who has everything together. What they do not see beneath the surface is that you are struggling. You may be grappling with loneliness, overwhelm, self-doubt, imposter syndrome, or burnout. You may strive for perfection and over-deliver for others yet you rarely feel satisfied, content, or happy with the outcome, with yourself, or with your life. You may have helped others build their dreams but you are out of touch with what you want and desire. 

Working harder, in the same way, has not gotten you closer to feeling connected, satisfied, or joyful.

You may feel like you are alone and adrift out in the ocean on a boat that is slowly sinking. You may feel like you are lost and aimless without a north star to guide you. You are confused about how you got here and wondering how you will find your way back on course.

​You may long to be seen and understood deeply by those around you. You may want to have relationships where you feel nurished, supported, and cared for. You know that this pattern is unsustainable and you are ready to be free.

​I can be a mender of hearts, a catalyst for change, a guide to your inner world, and a peacemaker for your soul.

This transformational work is challenging but the journey is worthy. If you are ready to start the journey to create long-lasting change in your life and your relationships, I can help. 

In my 10 years as a therapist, I have helped many people break the negative cycles and create fulfilling and meaningful lives. I have helped them let go of toxic relationships and surround themselves with people who truly see and care for them.




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