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Caitlin Laun


Licensed Mental Health Counselor
License Number LH60947024
Substance Use Disorder Professional Certification ​
License Number CP60949828

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You are a caretaker, a fixer, a hard worker, a lifelong achiever.

The image you maintain for the outside world comes at the expense of your energy, vitality, and peace of mind. Internally, you feel numb, insecure, dissatisfied, lonely, excluded. Discontent eats away at you despite the success you’ve earned. Maybe you are living on autopilot; drifting through life or stuck in frustrating, repeating patterns.

Perhaps you are tired of being so hard on yourself. Fear of failure, rejection, or unrealized potential keep you up at night. You replay hurtful words and experiences from your past, or spiral into overwhelming worries about future challenges.

If you provided yourself the time and space to explore, heal, and grow, how might life be different?

How might you be different? You could discover a peace within yourself and in relationships with others that allows you to live with authenticity, vitality, and confidence. You could reconnect with your emotions and learn how to safely experience and express the range of emotions that make us all human. You could even develop new beliefs and behaviors that help you construct a more fulfilling, rewarding life.

Let's uncover the authentic version of you together. I can be your guide and ally on this journey of self-discovery and growth.

My passion is creating a safe, compassionate space for you to feel, to question, to grieve, to learn, to experiment, to reconcile, to celebrate, and ultimately to grow and heal.

To lay the foundation, I blend evidence-based treatments with aspects of holistic wellness. Together, we will make sense of how you’re impacted by your past experiences and current contexts, allowing you to tap into your inner healer and regain a sense of autonomy. We will practice new coping skills to break the habits that numb and distract. We will find healthy ways to overcome challenge, sooth your stress, and find joy in life again. We will identify relationship and behavior patterns that no longer serve you. We’ll identify your deepest values and learn to use them to guide your decision-making, increasing authenticity and confidence.

Through this work, we’ll uncover your personal strengths and how to use them to achieve your goals.

In our work, I will honor your diverse background and identities. I work from an anti-oppression and multicultural feminist perspective. I align myself with the Health at Every Size movement.

As a self-compassion advocate, I’ll help you make peace with regret, move through shame, reevaluate perfectionist standards, and confront your inner critic. I’ll encourage you to value caring for your needs to support a secure sense of self-worth. I’ll walk with you through the exciting unknown of translating these new perspectives and skills to life outside the therapy office.

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Bipolar Disorder

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Life Transitions

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