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Luxury Wellness Retreat for Women in Tech and Business 

Fall 2024 6-Day Retreat at the

Salish Lodge & Spa

September 24th to 29th


Holistic Healthcare + Professional Development + Business Networking + Luxury Getaway


Women in tech and business know how to break barriers, lead the charge, and make a difference in the world. Yet, you are often the last person that you think of. This pattern of overgiving and overfunctioning can leave you in an unsustainable cycle of hustling for approval and achievement. 

This cycle can leave you feeling depleted and disconnected from yourself. The constant rush for more and the fear of never enough can create a sense of emptiness and numbness in your life. This pattern of depletion and exhaustion, when left unaddressed, can lead to burnout and other mental and physical health concerns.

It's time to break free from the cycle of overgiving, overfunctioning, overworking, and prioritizing everyone's demands else above yourself. Our retreat offers a sacred space to intentionally step away from your everyday life and reconnect to your inspiration, intuition, and creativity. 










Slow down. Take a breath.

Ground yourself in nature.

Discover your innate capacity for resilience.

Meet kindred spirits on the healing journey. 

Immerse yourself in a sanctuary of healing as we bring together a gathering of powerful healers and guides specializing in yoga, sound bath, Reiki and energy healing, nutrition counseling, psychology, plant medicine, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Our carefully curated program is designed to nurture and rejuvenate your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual self.

Experience the synergy of ancient wisdom and modern practices. Whether you seek to release stagnant energies, deepen your connection to self, or indulge in a luxurious escape, this Mind, Body, and Spirit Luxury Retreat offers an experience tailored to your needs. Dr. Chain will hold a tender space for deep healing, connection, and transformation. 

For women who are high-achievers and trailblazers, the journey can sometimes feel lonely. It is rare to find like-minded individuals who are actively working toward healing, value their mental and physical health, and are seeking deeper meaning in their lives. This retreat brings together kindred spirits who share your quest for healing, self-discovery, and empowerment. Each participant brings their unique story and perspective to contribute to this co-created week. Through shared experiences, supportive conversations, and mutual understanding, you will find comfort in knowing that you are not alone on this path. 


Reserve Your Spot 









This exclusive retreat will be limited to 10 participants, ensuring ample opportunity for meaningful connection with each other and focused care from our expert providers. 

Day 1 


Check-in to the Salish Lodge & Spa

Welcome Dinner


Day 2 

Yoga and Sound Bath

Workshop - Creating an Abundant Life

Vitamin Injection

Workshop - Releasing Old Patterns and Programming

Day 3 

Workshop - Holistic Health, Nourishment, and Nutrition

Workshop - True Intimacy and Fulfilling Relationships

Afternoon Free Time


Day 4

Yoga and Soundbath

Energy Healing and Reiki

Guided Forest Bathing


Day 5 

Workshop - Ancestral Wisdom Through Plant Medicine, Psychedelics, and Rituals

Workshop - Step into Your Authentic Power in Life and Career

Guided Plant and Mushroom Walk


Day 6

Goodbye Brunch

Check-out of the Salish Lodge & Spa



What is Included 

5 Nights Accommodations at the 4-Star Salish Lodge & Spa

Welcome Dinner and Goodbye Brunch

$200 Daily Restaurant Credits Wednesday through Saturday

One 50-minute Massage

Daily Access to the Sauna, Steam Room, and Soaking Pool

Yoga and Sound Bath

Nutrition Workshop

Mental Health Workshops

Energy Healing and Reiki

Vitamin Injection

Plant and Mushroom Walks and Forest Bathing with a Nature Guide

Valet Parking

Complimentary Day Pass to Mt. Si Sports & Fitness for Each Night of Stay

Pre and Post Retreat Support from Our Team

Add Ons

60 min Private Counseling Session with Dr. Chain

60 min Private Energy and Reiki Session with Tracie 

Acupuncture with Dr. Simon

Additional Massage, Facial, or Spa Treatment

Travel Planning with a Licensed Travel Agent



What is Not Included

Flights In and Out of Seattle

Travel Insurance

Transportation To/From the Resort


Personal Items 

Meals and Drinks Outside of What is Included in the Retreat Package


Dr. Jennifer Chain

Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Chain is a licensed psychologist with a background in resilience research. She specializes in working with helpers, givers, and fixers to break the cycle of overgiving. She helps her clients release old patterns that no longer serve them and empowers them to create a vibrant life of their choosing. 

Dr. Phonexay Lala Simon

East Asian Medical Practitioner | Doctor of Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

Dr. Phonexay Lala Simon is a licensed acupuncturist (L.Ac) and East Asian Medical Practitioner (EAMP) in the state of Washington specializing in pain management, fertility support and women’s health issues, and diabetes support, depression/anxiety, and Cosmetic acupuncture/facial rejuvenation acupuncture.  As a healer, Phonexay guides her patients back to their own source of health. Although she utilizes acupuncture as her primary modality, it is not about acupuncture– it is about her patients and their process. Phonexay practices by using her intuition and her Chinese medicine skills of pulse and tongue diagnosis to communicate with her patients on a deeper level. She has learned through experience that if she is quiet and still, then the body will speak to her directly.

Alisa Galper

Certified Yoga Instructor | International Recording Artist | Sound Healing Facilitator

Alisa is a multifaceted artist with a rich background as an International Recording Artist, Sound Healing Facilitator, and Yoga Instructor. With over 17 years of personal practice and over 300 hours of certification in Vinyasa, Hatha & Yin—Alisa offers tailored in-person sessions for those seeking a nurturing practice, suitable for all levels of experience, and for all who seek to understand themselves in a deeper way. Her classes thoughtfully integrate slowing down the nervous system, delving into the subtleties of physical sensations, navigating the flow of Qi (氣), and utilizing sound meditation for comprehensive wellness.

Natalie Joffe

Intuitive Eating Nutrition Counselor

Since starting her practice in 2011, Natalie has helped hundreds of clients find freedom from food and body image struggles.  From new moms, to athletes, to corporate executives, to famous artists, Natalie’s 1:1 work has helped end years of chronic dieting and create positive and sustainable relationships with food, body, movement and health.

Kaela Koepke

Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate | Nature and Somatic Therapist | Nature Guide

Kaela Koepke is a Nature Therapist, Somatic Therapist, Mental Health Therapist, Nature Guide, teacher, artist, and herbalist who lives in Everett, WA. She is passionate about helping people hear the voice of nature and connect with nature for healing and growth. She specializes in PNW native, edible, medicinal plants, trees and mushrooms and teaches classes about their emotional and spiritual healing properties, ethical and spiritual foraging practices, wildcrafting techniques, and how to decolonize self and land to heal self and land.

Tracie Severance

Certified Health Coach | Reiki Master Teacher | Shamanic Master Teacher Practitioner | Akashic Records Practitioner | Emotion Code Practitioner

Energy Healing is a holistic practice where life force energy is channeled from practitioner to client to help balance, heal, and release blockages in the body and aura. Your energetic body plays a crucial role in your wellbeing. By addressing things on an energetic level, you are able to create shifts and evolve beyond any held physical, mental, and emotional limiting beliefs or patterns holding you back from accessing your best version of self. 

Suite where the workshops will take place. Seattle wellness retreat.


The Riverside suite where the workshops take place offers a view of the Snoqualmie Falls. The Salish Lodge & Spa won the Condé Nast Traveler Reader's Choice Award for 5 years and was one of Travel + Leisure Reader's Favorite Resorts in the West in 2023.


A beautiful gathering space for your healing journey.


Unwind in front of the fireplace in your cozy room.


Spa showers in the Deluxe Double Queen, Deluxe Double Queen Accessible, and Deluxe King rooms.


Modern and stylish bathrooms in each room.


Create your private spa night in the oversized soaking tub in the Patio King room.


The Spa has a quiet space with tea, comfy couches, and a fireplace to relax before or after your massage or soak. The Spa specializes in Northwest-inspired treatments using ingredients such as honey from the on-site apiary. 


Enjoy daily access to the soaking pool, sauna, and steam room.


The Salish Lodge & Spa is well known for its Pacific Northwest cuisine, local wine, and creative cocktails.


Indulge in thoughtfully crafted meals using locally sourced ingredients during your retreat. Vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options are available.


The breakfast at the Salish Lodge & Spa is not to be missed. Try honey from the on-site apiary with their house-made biscuits.


Your luxurious journey begins the moment you step into the Salish Lodge & Spa. We cannot wait to meet you.


The Lounge area offers a place to relax and socialize throughout your stay. The Lounge serves expresso, cocktails, small plates, and full meals.


The Restaurant offers views of the Snoqualmie Falls.

Deluxe Double Queen - Shared Room


$567 A MONTH


Deluxe Double Queen Accessible - Shared Room


$567 A MONTH


Deluxe King - Private Room

$10,000 PER PERSON

$708 A MONTH


Patio King - Private Room

$10,500 PER PERSON

$744 A MONTH