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Crystal McGregor


Licensed Mental Health Counselor

License Number LH61074241

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You may seem like you have it all together and have many different relationships; yet, internally you struggle with deep feelings of isolation and a nagging sense that you never measure up.

Perfectionism, all-or-nothing thinking, and fear of failure might be familiar friends. Vulnerability is difficult, especially when you feel like an outsider or an imposter. You struggle with being authentic, finding a supportive community, and having intimate relationships.

You may be hard on yourself. The depth and intensity of your emotions might scare you. Perhaps you find yourself entrenched in a pattern of overwork, over planning, and ceaselessly striving to find a sense of control because you are afraid of criticism, rejection, or not meeting your goals.

You want to feel comfortable in your own skin, to own the things that make you unique, to quiet the internal self-criticism. You desire to experience life in a more vibrant way, to take risks freely and feel more in charge of your choices. You long to know you are enough. You want to be honest with yourself and others about who you are and to feel accepted. You want to finally step into your authentic power and feel capable of creating the life you want. You want more than to simply survive or manage your symptoms and stressors. Ultimately, you want to flourish and not be held back by your fears and anxieties.

I can be a courage cultivator, truth illuminator, imperfection embracer, and fellow traveler as you bravely move forward into the unknown.

I help clients become more present with themselves and others. I empower them to find a greater sense of agency in their lives. Together, we can work to make sense of how your context influences the choices you make. I can help you celebrate the uniqueness of your voice and abilities and learn to trust your intuition.

I believe everyone is resilient and has an intuition towards healing. I believe there is a truth within each of us that acts as a compass and a guide. When you tune in to that deepest intuition, you can learn to turn away from the things that don’t serve you, change the negative patterns holding you back, and embrace what your soul longs for: agency and connection with yourself and others.


My services are available for adult individuals and couples seeking a deep, relational and transformative therapy process. I love to work with clients from diverse backgrounds and particularly enjoy working with people who feel different in some way or have been marginalized and misunderstood. I value anti-oppression in my professional and personal work and provide counseling for multiculturalism and social justice. I use the Health at Every Size approach to working with body image and disordered eating patterns. I love working with “sensitive types,” intensely driven and high achieving, creatives and artists, intellectual and philosophically-minded, curious and intentional people who want to do deep personal work.

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